Arminas Katilius Personal Blog

Object creation techniques for tests

October 28, 2019

Object creation is easy until objects become large and complex, some ideas how to cope with that in test code.

Why TDD is Not Working For You

March 18, 2019

Maybe TDD is the right technique for you, but multiple coincidences lead you to the conclusion that it’s too hard and impractical. Few ideas that might help you rethink your TDD experience

Writing Javascript Codemods and Understanding AST Easily

March 05, 2019

Analysing and modifying abstract syntax tree is not that hard, if you start from simple cases and gradually increase complexity.

Improving Code Quality using Pull Requests

January 16, 2019

Best practices for pull request process and how pull requests can help you be better developer.

Building prototypes with staying power

May 24, 2018

Despite knowing that prototypes might end up in the trash bin, it’s still worth investing time and effort in their development. Why?

Clean code for Java tests

September 25, 2017

Few guidelines to follow to keep test code organized when working with Java projects.

6 React libraries developers should check out

September 08, 2017

Some of the smaller, yet useful libraries that can change the way you develop with React, whether you use Redux or not.